The chef

Josu Mugerza started working in ‘Urola’ restaurant in San Sebastian. A few years later, he moved to Madrid to work in ‘Basque’ restaurant  first and later in ‘Irizar’ restaurant, managed by Chef Luis Irizar, who became his best teacher and friend.

From Madrid he moved to Kagoshima in Japan, where he opened and ran the Spanish Restaurant ‘Javier’  After a  year’s experience in Japan, Josu  came  back to Spain to run the kitchen in ‘La Oca Dorada’, a restaurant  in Valencia.

Two years later, he travelled to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), in order to embark on a new venture. Madrid was his next destination, where he opened  his own business, ‘El Alamillo’ restaurant. As time went by, his dream of returning to his home and establishing Belaustegi Baserria restaurant became real in 1999.

Throughout his career, Josu Mugerza has participated in numerous gastronomic events, in Spain and abroad. He has collaborated in the last six editions of the “Iberian Festival” in New York, representing the “Basque Cuisine”.