A la Carte


Cured meat – Cecina- from Leon with truffle oil and Idiazabal cheese | 15,50€

Special selection of Anchovy loins from Getaria with compote of tomato and extra virgin olive oil | 14,00€

Warm salad of Patagonian scallops with sherry vinaigrette | 14,00€

Little tin of Txangurro (spider crab) and seafood with anchovies in vinaigrette (unit) | 9,50€

Iberico Bellota Ham | 18,50 €

Goat cheese au gratin with onion confit and duck jam, Olive oil, honey and sesame | 14,00€

Prawn carpaccio with wakame salad and citrus vinaigrette | 14,50€

Grilled octopus with sweet and sour honey and paprika | 18,50€

Goose Foie gras terrine with a reduction of Modena and compotes | 15,00€

Fine cod slices with various lettuces and mustard vinaigrette | 13,50€

From the sea

Prawns of Huelva (12 units) | 21,50€

Wild king prawns from Madagascar (6 units) | 17,50€

Grilled langoustines Special (unit) | 16,00€

Scallop and shrimp skewer with a garlic and citrus sauce | 23,50€

Grilled cod loin with peppers and teriyaki stir-fry | 23,50€

Fresh Hake kokotxas ( fleshy parts of the jaw – a delicacy) in a pil-pil sauce (olive oil and garlic ) | 22,50€

Traditional hake loin roasted in the oven | 21,50€

Ask for fresh fish of the day | D.M.P.

Meat and Game

JOSU’s style tripe with poached egg | 17,50€

Kangaroo medallions with garnish and a sauce by Pedro Ximenez | 22,50€

Iberian pig trotters in their juice and bizkaina sauce | 17,50€

Deer sirloin with reinette apple pure and sweet and sour sauce | 19,50€

Deboned bull’s tail in its juice with Rioja Alavesa and brandy | 22,50€/kg

T-bone steak with Basque Quality label from Orube farmhouse | 39,00€/kg

T-bone steak with peppers | 33,50€/kg

Josu’s Asian style dishes

Farmhouse chicken wok with julienne, soy, honey, and sesame vegetables | 19,50€

Peking duck with fruits, bamboo and Chinese pasta, oyster sauce and soy | 18,50€

Assortment of Steamed Gyoza with three sauces, Sweet Mustard, sweet and sour and Soy | 14,50


10% VAT not included